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A Faith Story by Lori Watts


Remembering the Saints

On this All Saint’s Sunday, I remember the Saints in my life, my family, friends, mentors, who have inspired me, made me who I am, who have given of their time, energy, and resources to me and to others for the greater good.

Barb Beuttel - early Oct 2011 - Blue Ridge Parkway

I remember Barb, who was a friend I met soon after joining this church. I think we joined the same day, the 3rd anniversary of High Country UCC. While she did not have a lot of monetary resources, she gave her heart and soul to this church. I remember the beautiful music she shared with us on piano that was so deep and lovely. She helped behind the scenes too with bulletin preparation and we served on the nurture team together for a term. I am grateful to have known her for the time I did. She taught me about service and being generous in all things.
William and Paige at their Wedding Shower July 2009

I remember William, my cousin’s husband of a few years who was killed in the line of duty one late July night over 2 years ago responding to a domestic call that went very bad. He was faithful to his commitments in his young years, as a husband, as a father-to-be, as a sheriff’s deputy, to his faith community, and to the wider community to whom he had sworn to serve and protect.

Susie Belle Moody Greer

I remember my Grandmother, whose family connection to our founding pastor helped lead me to High Country UCC 9 ½ years ago. She was generous with me and with others with her love, time, garden harvests, tatted cards and doilies, and resources. She taught me to be of service to others and to live generously with my time, gifts, and resources.

Service to me means many things and some days I struggle with all that in entails. In my work as a Housing Coordinator, I try to connect the most vulnerable in our community with housing resources. Sometimes those resources are severely limited but I do what I can. Sometimes the need is overwhelming and I begin to feel hopeless. Fortunately, I have this church to gain strength to try again another day.

I also currently serve as this church’s treasurer so I see a lot of the behind the scenes of what it takes to make this church run from a financial angle. There is a lot going on beyond Sunday’s worship and the educational programs prior to worship. While the upcoming budget that you will receive in the mail this week reflects much of what we currently spend to make this church operate, we have only a limited idea of the in kind gifts of time and resources many of you make to this church. We appreciate your generosity of time, talents, and resources, both in kind and monetary.

So as we move into our Stewardship Season, I hope you will remember the saints in your lives, the service that you do for this church and community, and consider what you can give to this church with your gifts of time, talents, and resources. That is my plan and I know I need this church in my life to continue my service in the greater community. Please join me.