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Our Pastor

May God’s love dwell within you, may God’s grace surround you everywhere you go, may God’s truth set you free and may the Creation create in and with you a life of joy, hope and compassion.
–Tamara Franks


Tamara Franks

Arriving in the High Country of North Carolina and at High Country United Church of Christ in July 2014, she discovered a wonderful sense of compassion, a joy for these mountains and all nature, and a group of people seeking to find ways to live into God’s Church.

Tamara Franks, a product of a Texas corn/cotton farm, loves the land and everything about it. In her rich and varied life she has been a trip guide, head cook, science teacher, house cleaner, missionary, lecturer, minister and general Ms Fix-It. “I never find myself bored. Tired. But, never bored. My passion is community, the people who make up my various communities and entering rich dialogue within the relationships making up these communities. Small talk is not my thing and wears me out! Going for a hike, a cup of joe or a sit in the park to talk life, its challenges and its passion really stokes my fires.”

She sees humanity as co-creators with God, actively participating in creation “as we live, breathe, consume, create, love, hurt, maim, heal, etc.” For Tamara, “salvation is awakening to those moments of Emmanuel—God with us—each moment of each day.” She embraces truths from many paths and considers herself to be a “Jewish-Buddhist-Christian.”

She has worked as a lecturer at Texas A&M, served as student pastor at St. Paul UCC in Belleville, Illinois and at Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, Texas, and as associate pastor at Friends Congregational Church in College Station, Texas. For the past three years she has been working with a value- and behavior-based training company based out of Houston and Lafayette, providing life saving training to workers in high risk industries such as mining, forging, oil and gas. “Working with oil rig workers proved invaluable experience to understanding my real beliefs, values and especially, making observations regarding humanity within community.

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics major,
Science minor, May 1988, Wayland Baptist
University, Plainview, Texas

Master of Agriculture, Recreation Resource
Management, August 1994, Texas A&M
University, College Station, Texas

Master of Divinity, May 2008, Eden Theological
Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri