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Becoming Less Certain, and More Curious

This week I have been pondering the value our culture places on expressions of certainty. Often, it seems that, if we are to appear competent, professional, well-educated, or qualified as leaders, employees, partners, spouses, friends, or parents, we are expected to sound confident and matter-of-fact, with a plethora of answers. Certainty often seems to be a measure of competency.

Honestly, though, it seems to me that the complexity of our world requires of us less certainty and more curiosity. It is the abundance of realities other than my own and the nuances of others’ experiences that spark my energies. I suppose I celebrate what the ancient theologian termed “the cloud of unknowing.” (Not to be confused with “a brain cloud” from the movie “Joe vs. the Volcano,” but that is a subject for another blog…!)

Michelangelo said, “I am still learning.” Life everyday is an unfolding and beautiful mystery. Certainty is highly over-valued. I’d rather be curious.