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Book Review: Conflict Without Casualties

Conflict Without Casualties by Dr. Nate Regier


Don’t read this book if you can’t stand the truth about your own role and agency creating conflict.
Don’t read this book if you don’t want to be held accountable.
Don’t read this book if you like the status quo.
Don’t read this book if you aren’t willing to struggle with instead of against the rest of us.

Rev. Tamara Franks, lead pastor at High Country United Church of Christ in Vilas, NC, doesn’t hold back with her perspective. She continues,

“Facing and meeting conflict squarely, often many times each day, may and can offer dynamic, creative energy that will transform lives, communities and cultures. Seemingly a Mission Impossible, Dr. Nate Regier, in his book, Conflict without Casualties, offers history, theory, real-life stories, practical uses and relevant descriptions for anyone willing to use conflict for creation instead of destruction.”

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