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Eastertide and Earthcare: the UCC Mission 4/1 Earth

High Country UCC is excited to celebrate Easter and the Eastertide season this year alongside the national UCC’s own Mission 4/1 Earth, a 50 day campaign focused on caring as stewards for the Earth that faithfully sustains us all. The timing is ideal to parallel the themes of regeneration and resurrection of Easter and springtime, including the calendar dates of Earth Day and Arbor Day as well as Easter and Pentecost. We invite you to visit the official website for the campaign at Also, we have created Tracking Cards which have lots of ideas about specific Earth care opportunities in which folks of all ages and abilities can participate in wherever you might find yourself. We will be following up with information about tree planting and group clean up activities as well for folks here in the Boone area. Want to help out? We’d love to have you join us!HCUCCTrackingCard