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About Electronic Giving

“Electronic Giving” is the term used to describe automatic methods for making contributions on a regular basis without the need to write checks, carry cash, or prepare envelopes. High Country UCC offers an Electronic Giving method using Vanco Services.

On-Line Giving using the Internet: You case set up electronic contributions to High Country UCC from your bank account or credit card by clicking “Give Now” and creating an on-line giving account profile. You can then process one-time or recurring contributions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the major advantages of electronic giving by direct debit?

A. Direct debit is all about convenience for you and consistency for the church. Electronic giving eliminates frequent check writing and helps members stay on track with pledges even when they are unable to attend services. The church in turn benefits from much-needed donation consistency and a reduction in the volume of check and cash contributions that must be handled and manually processed in the church office.

Q. How does Direct Debit Giving Work?

A. Contributions are transferred automatically from your checking or savings account to the church’s bank account.

Q. Is giving by direct debit risky?

A. It is certainly less risky than writing checks or carrying cash to church. To process electronic donations, the church uses Vanco Services, LLC-an established an highly-regarded company that moves funds directly from church members to the church on the same day without any delay. Vanco processes contributions for more than 10,000 churches and nonprofit organizations.

Q. How much does direct debit giving cost?

A. It costs you nothing and it costs the church very little. It is the lowest cost method of transferring funds.

Q. What if I try electronic giving by direct debit and don’t like it?

A. You can cancel your authorization at any time by notifying the church.