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Good News

Today I have been thinking about the word “evangelism.” Because this word has been co-opted and politicized, many folks do not know or appreciate its excellent heritage. Its original meaning is “the spreading of good news.” Large and small, obvious and oblique, intended and serendipitous, evangelism happens!

Today I am meeting with a journalism student at F.A.R.M. Café. She learned about our church through the LGBT Center on campus. She’d heard of F.A.R.M. Café and wanted to try it, so when we meet, she will have that opportunity.  We’re working on an article she is writing about faith and homosexuality. In the grace-filled ways of Spirit, I get to speak good news!

Last week a senior religion major contacted me about a paper he was writing about churches’ attitudes toward homosexuality. One of his friends goes to our church and suggested he contact us. I had to be at a wedding during the time that he needed to meet, and we weren’t able to get together. Before I could suggest some other names of congregation members who would happily spread good news in person, he said he was all done with the paper because our website was so full of information and inspiration, that he got all he needed for his project, and more!  Good news, indeed!

It is wonderful when folks say, “I’ve heard a lot about that church!” It is good news spreading: hope, love, diversity, gratitude, celebration!