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Good news regarding Mission 4/1 Earth campaign at HCUCC!

Yesterday marked the end of Mission 4/1 Earth, the Eastertide Earthcare campaign organized by the national UCC. We have now collected 32 separate tracking cards logging our HCUCC efforts locally, some cards from individuals and some are from family units. We have tallied and totaled and attached here the cumulative results, and have passed them along to the national UCC as well.

What did we find? This group of HCUCCers logged 10,549 Earth Care Hours and 105 Advocacy Letters. We planted 126 trees locally, and funded planting of 70 trees in Peru and 70 trees in Kenya!

Take a peak at the card below to see what else we’ve been doing. If you’ve not yet submitted your card, please do. We would love to have an even more complete record of HCUCC efforts during this 50-day campaign.

We are so grateful for your participation, and though this particular campaign is complete, we are grateful too for all the ways you will continue to care for this precious planet that sustains us all!