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HCUCCers Making a Difference in Watauga County

It was heartwarming and powerful seeing at least 27 individuals from our church May 21st at the County Commission meeting, scattered amid 140 people, with a sea of pink shirts showing support for the critical non-profits slated to lose some or all funding in the 2013-14 county budget. Each of the two newspaper articles mentioned below includes a photo which gives a flavor for how crowded the meeting was and the noticeable visual impact of the pink shirts, albeit in varying hues.

Compelling testimonies to the invaluable role of many of these non-profits were made by 29 people, including 2 from our church both regarding Hospitality House: Allison Jennings, and Chris May (Chris’s delivered by Melanie Childers because Chris was home sick). Several other speakers ranging from 13 years old to elders spoke also to support Mountain Alliance, OASIS, Community Care Clinic, Western Youth Network, WAMY Community Action, Hunger and Health Coalition, and others.

In addition to Allison and Chris’ individual statements accessible by the hyperlinks on their names above, there were also two articles in the local newspapers as follows:

Article in the High Country Press

Article in the Watauga Democrat

Thanks for all each of you do, whether it includes public advocacy, or showing up at HCUCC, or being compassionate anywhere.