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If you enjoy being part of the church and want to connect more, this is a great way to build stronger friendships and engage in your community.

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Look over the team descriptions below, and then fill out our online request form to volunteer. Filling out the form does not obligate anyone, it just indicates interest in a particular area.

Team Descriptions

Worship Ministry Team. The worship team meets at least quarterly to plan all aspects of the worship service, including music, liturgy, dance, children and youth participation, special services (Christmas, Easter, etc), altar creation, art, etc. The worship team seeks to make worship accessible and meaningful for people of all ages and to incorporate children into the whole of the worship experience. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.

Peace and Justice Team. This team educates and encourages the congregation to become active in protest and advocacy for peace and justice causes on behalf of those voiceless and marginalized. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.

Media Ministry Team. This team works to develop media pieces such as brochures, newsletters; maintain/update the website and list serve; notify the media of church events; and spread the word about our church’s presence in the community. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.

Service Ministry Team. Their mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of people in need locally, nationally, and internationally by providing service on their behalf. They develop work projects within the community that assist those marginalized and most in need. Participation with local service agency projects as well as projects coordinated from within the congregation are all planned and encouraged. Service work teams also travel to other areas where need exists. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.

Nurture Ministry Team. This team nourishes the spirit of camaraderie among members and visitors. They provide opportunities for companionship, recreation and welcoming. This team is divided into two distinct components each with its own leader:

  • Fellowship is responsible for fun activities that enrich our spirit and friendship.
  • Hospitality provides after worship gatherings, organizes special events, greets visitors and coordinates with the pastor to welcome new members through inquirer’s classes and covenant signing ceremonies.

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Education Ministry Team. This team assists the congregation in planning and implementing educational opportunities for persons of all ages. Sunday school classes for nursery, preschool, elementary, youth and adults are offered. In addition small groups for book study, creative endeavors, theological introspection, and other opportunities are offered throughout the year. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.

Pastoral Liaison. This individual acts as a liaison between the pastor and the congregation to encourage and maintain open communication. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.

Building and Grounds Team.  This team oversees the issues dealing with the maintenance of buildings and property: Assumes responsibility for seeing that routine maintenance and repair of facilities and landscaping takes place; supervises and coordinates any landscaping and/or building projects performed by church members and volunteers; oversees the hiring and work of any subcontractors; compiles a reference log of all performed maintenance and service; responds to building emergencies. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.

Student Ministry Team. This team serves in an advisory & collaborative role with the director of student ministry in implementation of the church’s overall ministry to students. Members of this team are called upon as needed to assist the director of student ministry in goal setting, planning, and coordinating student ministry in a manner consistent with the overall mission of the church. This team will work to insure program continuity in the director’s absence and in transition from one director to the next. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.

The Finance Ministry Team. Come join the Finance Ministry Team if you are interested in church finances, stewardship, and budget planning.  Who will you be on this team with you?  Your teammates will include others with an affinity for numbers, details, and the big picture, as well as the Financial Secretary and the Treasurer who leads the team.  Learn what it takes to make the church function financially from behind the scenes of Sunday Worship. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.

Congregational Care Ministry Team. The congregational care ministry team meets at least quarterly to coordinate all aspects of care for persons in the HCUCC community, including support to those who are bereaved, in crisis, hospitalized, or ill; keeping the congregation appropriately informed of community concerns; and coordinating necessary training for team members. One member of this team shall coordinate the provision of meals and cards for members in need. Members shall carefully honor confidentiality needs and shall coordinate all ministry alongside the pastor. Sign up or indicate your interest in this team.