All are welcome

Local Church Profile Approved!

Our Local Church Profile was approved by the congregation on May26th and has also been accepted by Rev Faust. The posting of our vacancy will occur very soon. Ministers who review employment opportunities at the UCC web site will be attracted by a short teaser summary of the LCP- sort of like a classified ad. Ours summary reads:

Progressive minister sought for a small but growing, diverse, rural mountainous congregation known for its peace and justice efforts. We are an ONA congregation located just outside a university town. Candidates must be inspirational, compassionate and accepting of people with divergent views. We’ve excelled at tackling social justice issues – come help us strengthen our relationship with the Divine!

A minister who is interested will contact Nora. She will share with them our Local Church Profile. At the same time our search team will receive their Ministerial Profile. This will launch the opening phase of our search process.