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Ministry Teams: A Way to Give to Others and to Yourself

HCUCC is evolving from a young congregation that was attracted to new ideas and exciting people into a more mature and grounded one that has survived the infatuation stage and whose members are now deeply committed to each other and to  making a difference over the long term. Those of you who want to invest more fully in this growth might like to participate  on a ministry team.

Our church has 11 teams which carry out the business of the church, conduct outreach in the community, and serve our  congregation. Each team is led by one or two individuals who sit on the church council. These leaders need congregation members to help them!

This type of service can be very rewarding and fulfilling! Just ask Cath Hopkins, who served on the Peace & Justice team and helped create ads for the Amendment One media campaign. Her efforts resulted in letters from people across the country, thanking us for standing up against that ballot measure. Or ask Judith Kobler who served on the Publicity team and revitalized our newsletter. She said she has been blessed by getting to know the folks who contribute articles for inclusion. Or ask Evenlight Eagles who volunteered on the Service team to water the church garden each week. Her daughter, Juliet, gave the name “Pepper” to the rabbit who ate all our pepper plants. Or ask John Rowell who served on the Buildings & Grounds team and helped Ed Neff realize the dream of a memorial garden in which Judy Neff (and many others) will be honored.

In the coming weeks, we will ask you to fill out sign-up cards to indicate which teams you would like to help with in 2013. Please consider serving on one or more teams. Keep in mind that most teams utilize their volunteers on a rotating basis, so you might be called upon only a few times and not every time the team is active. For instance, 16 people took turns tending the garden for a week over the summer, which meant each person was needed only once. Eight people from the Fellowship team took turns hosting the recent fire pit gatherings. These are great examples of team work! We would like to see this practiced in more of our ministry teams. We have big plans for next year, and we’d love to be able to count on your contributions!

Here is a little information about each team:

Service: Seeks to make a difference for people in need – locally, nationally, and internationally. Examples are FARM Cafe, the church garden, Hospitality House meals, mission trips, and food drives.

Peace & Justice: Educates and encourages advocacy for social justice causes on behalf of those voiceless and
marginalized. Examples are Amendment One work, letters to Congress, and Martin Luther King Unity Service.

Publicity: Maintains the website and listserv, notifies the media of events, and spreads word about our presence.
Examples are writing adult features for the newsletter, delivering brochures to campus, and taking photos at events.

Buildings & Grounds: Maintains buildings and property and oversees repair of facilities. Examples include construction of the Memorial Garden, painting the church, and erecting the playground equipment.

Compassion: Sends cards to the sick and provides meals and assistance to those who are ill or facing challenges. Examples are providing food at memorial services and sitting with or running errands for a home-bound person.

Hospitality: Hosts before- and after-worship gatherings, special events, and greets visitors. Examples are setting up the coffee and snacks before and after worship, serving on a rotating schedule to greet people before worship.

Fellowship: Responsible for fun activities that enrich our spirit and friendship. Examples are hosting the fire pit
gatherings on a rotating basis and coordinating a church picnic at Valle Crucis Park.

Worship: Plans worship, including music, liturgy, children and youth participation, altar creation. Examples are playing an instrument; setting up chairs, hymnals, and Bibles; or operating a slide projector during a special service.

Finance: Oversees the finances of the church, helps create the budget, and conducts stewardship campaigns. Examples are planning a mortgage pay-down campaign and helping count offering after worship.

Education: Plans and implements educational opportunities for persons of all ages. Examples are helping in the nursery on a rotating basis, teaching a small-group class, helping with Seventh Day of Creation activities.

Pastor-Congregation Communication: Acts as a liaison between the pastor and the congregation. Examples are coordinating pastoral relief for Shelly when she’s absent and soliciting input from the congregation on church issues.