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News Roundup

The National Resources Defense Council has a “groundbreaking proposal” to curb climate-changing pollution. Best of all, the authority for implementing it already exists and is available for the President to use without the approval  of Congress.  (Read story.)  Contact the White House at 202-456-1111 or submit comments online to let the President know if you support this.

Speaking of climate and science, meet the new chair of the House Committee on Science, Representative Lamar Smith. Smith was chosen for his chairmanship by his Republican colleagues in Congress.  His appointment does not bode well for science: he has voted

  • to ban the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases
  • to end tax credits for renewable energy
  • against the Kyoto Protocol
  • NO on raising CAFE fuel standards and incentives for alternative fuels
Mark Bittman has a opinion piece on Hunger in Plain Sight that brings a nationwide perspective to the problem of food insecurity.   He ends with this

The need is everywhere. Whether you look at this from a moral perspective (love thy neighbor, remember?) or a practical one, it’s clear that SNAP and food banks deserve better funding, not worse. It seems absurd to have to say it, but no one in this country should go hungry.

SNAP is part of the farm bill, still languishing in Congress.  Over the next 10 years, the House Agriculture Committee bill proposes cutting $16 billion from SNAP; the Senate version would cut $4.5 billion.  One of these proposals will most likely be part of any deficit reduction bill, boding more hunger and food insecurity.