All are welcome

Protesting financial injustices in Watauga County


As our beloved pastor Shelly Wilson invites:
If you can, please join us tonight at the Watauga County Administration Building next to the courthouse at 5:15, or as soon after that as you can. Your physical presence is needed to protest the financial injustices being leveled against the agencies who help our most vulnerable sisters and brothers. See you there!
Love you more, Shelly
Hey Friends,
As was mentioned in church yesterday, the Watauga County Board of Commissioners is moving to cut funding to numerous highly critical non-profits in Watagua County. These non-profits provide services we ALL could need someday, and MANY already need now. Several non-profits offering social services are to get $0. The Commissioners will be allowing public comment on this proposed budget tomorrow at the 5:30pm meeting. Our thanks to Chris May and others who do plan to speak out.
If you’ve not been to a Commission meeting before, they are held on the ground floor of the fancy Watauga County Administration Building at 814 W. King Street on the corner of Water Street. There are a few parking spaces in a tiny lot between the building and Water Street. If you drive around the back of the building you can park in the lot between this building and the County Courthouse, or the new parking lot with fancy landscaping up further on Water Street.
If you’d like to speak during public comment, plan to arrive prior to 5:30 to sign up. The public comment part is estimated for 6pm but could be a bit before or after, and each person will likely be limited to 2-3 minutes. You can show your support by sitting silently as well, especially if you wear bright pink! There is a group planning to hand out bright pink shirts at 5:15 for visual solidarity. If you already own or have access to something bright pink, wear it to the meeting or bring extra to share.
The Tuesday May 21st 5:30pm official agenda is online here.
Here too is a recent newspaper article with financial details.
Also see facebook “Neon Pink for Non-Profits!” to rsvp etc.