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Reform or Scam?

Webster’s #1 definition of the word “reform”: “to make better by removing faults and defects.”  There’s a lot of talk about reform these days.  Once again, the right has co-opted a term that has positive connotations and is successfully using it to bring about their desired changes in the form of less goverment.  Read this article and see if you agree with NC Policy Watch that what the right wants to do about unemployment insurance, education and taxes in NC is reform or scam.

This says it all for me:  Democracy… begins with the people taking care of one another responsibly, importantly through government as an instrument of freedom. That how we get our public schools, our roads, our sewers, our patent office, our scientific research, our energy, communication and transportation systems, our food safety, our protectors, and all the rest that we need to be free in our private lives. It is a truth: the private depends on the public. We, all together, constitute the public. Unless we take care of one another … we can’t get democracy — and freedom….   I wish everyone could see the truth of that.