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Sermon from July 22, 2012.

Excerpt: “Remember” means to recall or to bring to mind consciously. …to act on behalf of others, their cause or need, as in “remember the grief-stricken family members in Aurora after the massacre.”  “Remember” means to relive, in a way.  To put back together the parts of one’s past experience, all that informs, challenges, tears apart, teaches, helped to destroy, and inspires.   Remembering can be about keeping alive what is past and gone, but that still, in one-way or another, still exists.  I am not sure if “remember” is a function of the brain, like I said last week, about Joy…or if it is something more profound than that.  I don’t know if past life regressions are real or not, if we can “remember” something with our bodies and our souls that our minds cannot recall…I do know that there is much “remembering” that the black holes of dementia can ruck right out of us, and that synapses are certainly one connection we share, easily tangled, broken and confused.  But I wonder if there is more to “remember” than brain health, if there is “remember” that goes beyond being able to pinpoint time, date and location.

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