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Shelly’s sermon on Beginnings leads us to reflect on the many passages in our lives that take us from beginnings to endings and all the inevitable stages in-between.


“Beginnings bring us closer and beginnings give us a license to drive away from home and childhood and there are beginnings that happen after the commencement, the graduation to another beginning.  These beginnings of ours are all also endings.

They are all also endings, these beginnings of ours.  Once there was a pregnancy that ended in your birth.  The beginning of a mom or a dad or somebody that started taking care of you in your infancy and then for some of us we have then the end of our childhood and we grew up out of a home life we began independence and freedom and for some of us already and for all of us if we live long enough eventually there will be the ending of our work for money and the beginning of a different kind of production in retirement and then there will be the beginning of the ending.”