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Update from April 21 Congregational Meeting

April 25, 2013: Dear Congregation,

On Sunday, April 21, 2013, High Country UCC held a congregational meeting, at which time two important actions were approved:

  1. The congregation approved the council’s recommendation for a two-part interim plan, consisting of a Transition Team of volunteers in the congregation, along with a paid part-time interim pastor.
  2. The congregation named the church council as the body tasked with selecting an interim pastor (who would then be presented to the congregation for approval).

More details on these decisions will be forthcoming in the minutes of the meeting.

The church council met on April 24, 2013 at 7 pm in the church annex to formally begin the task of searching for an interim pastor, and to continue developing the search committee slate for congregational approval. Following is a brief description of actions taken during this meeting.


The council reviewed a list of possible interim pastors (20) derived from members of the congregation and from UCC Western North Carolina Association.  Moderator Billy Kennedy has already made contact with or emailed each of these pastors.  Billy will make a second contact with those who are still interested and request they email a resume.  The council will review the resumes and choose which candidates to interview.

The council decided to have a sub-committee of 6 council members to conduct the interviews (members on this interim pastor interview committee will not be on the Pastoral Search Committee).  Once interviews have been conducted the sub-committee will come back to the full council with their findings, and the full council will make the decision on which part–time interim pastor to present to the congregation for approval.  Two other sub-committees were established.  One will be to help establish parameters for salary for this interim pastor position and the other to further clarify the interim pastor position as we see it working best for HCUCC.  These last two sub-committees will have finalized their work prior to the first interview being held.


The council began with the most-frequently recommended individuals from the 64 names submitted by the congregation, making adjustments as needed to achieve a balance of all the constituents of the congregation. Our guidelines did not allow for two members of the same family being on this committee. Many of the potential search committee nominees have been contacted by the moderator; a few have said they are unable to serve, and the council has made further adjustments as necessary. As the remaining nominees are being contacted by the moderator, we are completing the slate that will be recommended to the congregation for a vote.


The transition team needs the help of volunteers. Rev. Terry Alexander, chair of the transition team, may be contacted if you wish to volunteer. You may also contact the chairs of the different transition team sub-committees to learn about each group and to volunteer:

  • Worship and Pastoral Care – Melanie Childers
  • Administration and Building – Jeanne Taylor
  • Good-bye and Welcome – Jennifer Moore

The council discussed putting up posters for people to sign up as a volunteer.  You do not have to be an official member of the church to volunteer for these transition team subcommittees.

The council will have another meeting on Wednesday, May 1, 2013, at 7 p.m. in the church annex.


James Christenbury, Vice-moderator)