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Updates on the Pastoral Transition – April 2013

From the April 2013 Newsletter:

The Church Council has worked hard in the last few weeks to encourage the church to keep strong and steady, with our eyes toward our ministries and bright future. Normally, the Church Council’s work involves the governance of the church, or making certain that education, worship, service and peace/justice opportunities are made available to all of us in the church. Now, though, in this important time, they also are working to put in place all the pieces that will make the transition between Shelly’s departure and the arrival of the new pastor a strong time of growth and opportunity. Here are some things that have been accomplished, and here are the next steps:

If you remember Shelly’s power point from our last Congregational Meeting, “The Four Primary Tasks of Church Transition,” one of those tasks is the completion of the Local Church Profile. The Local Church Profile is the identity document, which describes many, many aspects of our life together, and will be the initial contact prospective pastoral candidates will have in their learning about our church. The LCP is completed by a small team of writers who combine research, surveys, past history, and other forms of congregational input to complete this 21-page document. It includes demographics, community and church growth projections, financial data, history, subjective and objective information about our church. Our wonderful LCP writing team consists of Ann Kiefert, Bill Rogers, Mary Beth McKee, Linda Coutant, Stacy Reagan, and James Christenbury. Many of you have completed the “Leadership Expectations” survey that has been conducted in writing over the last two months during worship. More of you will participate on April 14 during the Sunday School hour as Bill Rogers and Allan Johnson will facilitate focus groups for adults and youth. All are invited to participate.

The second Primary Task of Church Transition has to do with the formation of a Transition Team. During the Congregational Meeting on April 21, you will be asked to respond to the Church Council’s proposed plan for this Transition Team. The Transition Team’s job is to make certain that the “nuts and bolts” or day-to-day work that Shelly did is covered– from the time she leaves until the new pastor is called–so that the majority of the congregation members have sufficient time and energy to sustain and strengthen the important work of justice, peace, service, and education that we are called to do as a church. The Transition Team’s job will be to make certain that worship, pastoral care/counseling, and administration jobs are done. Anyone who wishes to assist the Transition Team in any one of these three areas of work will be invited to volunteer.

The third Primary Task of Church Transition is to choose a Search Committee. The Search Committee’s task is to receive profiles from potential pastoral candidates, review them, choose one or more “top” candidates for interview, and then to select a candidate to present to the congregation for approval. It is a challenging task, but with so many capable members in our church, we will be well-represented by this Committee! We have been in the process of nominating persons for this Search Committee over the last months. April 14 is the deadline for nominations. The Church Council hopes to have the compilation of our nominations completed by the Congregational Meeting and to be able to present the slate to us for our consideration at that time.