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Wed Aug 28th from 5-7pm “Taking the Dream Back Home” Rally

“Taking the Dream Back Home” Boone Rally, Wednesday August 28, 5-7pm at Harvest House, 247 Boone Heights Drive, Boone, North Carolina.                                                          

Dear Friends and Neighbors in the Faith Communities of Boone,

 We invite you to join us in this rally to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” Speech. We are one of 13 simultaneous rallies across the state that will be focusing on bringing Dr. King’s dream home to all the citizens of North Carolina.   On the 28th, we will join together to focus on recent legislation which is going to affect the welfare and rights of our citizens – especially those of our children, our elders, our unemployed, our homeless and poor, our people of color.

Our religious communities are at the heart of the Moral Mondays Movement gatherings that have been springing up across North Carolina this summer. Concern for those who are on the “margins” — our sisters and brothers who have (or feel they have) no voice — is a common thread in all religions and in the heritage of those with other spiritual or secular understandings of the world.

     We’re all coming together in our common concern, to learn about the decisions our legislators have made, and to work together for justice for all of our people.

The authors of Forward Together Lectionary (, click on Forward Together Lectionary) close their document with the remembrance of a man who was pivotal in the Civil Rights Movement in the ‘60’s.   He didn’t experience the diversity present in Moral Mondays gatherings “bringing together blacks and whites, older folk and younger folk, well to do folk and folk who have nothing, liberals and conservatives! They have all come together and have committed themselves to a common vision, a common mission, and a common goal. So for many, the Moral Monday Movement really is an expression of the Spirit’s power at work in our midst, overcoming divisions of color, class, and creed and uniting us as only God could do.

Yes, perhaps in these dark times in our state, we can rejoice inasmuch as the Spirit is still evident and at work. We hope you and your congregation will unite with all of us, as people of God, to speak truth and justice to power.

With hope for justice for all the people of North Carolina, Marjorie McKinney, on behalf of the Moral Monday Movement of Watauga Co.

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