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Worship during Advent and Christmas

The story of the birth of Jesus is filled with common themes of human drama: unknowing, doubt, disgrace, fear, oppression, journey, hardship. The words of anonymous poet begin, “I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining…” In this we hear the affirmation of belief in spite of what seems like the absence of light, of love and sometimes, even what feels like the absence of God. By exploring the first chapter of each of the Gospels in this Advent/ Christmas series we will acknowledge the presence of hope “even when…”

  • Nov 30 I Believe, Even When …… All Seems Lost; Luke 1 — The story through Mary’s lens
  • Dec 7 I Believe, Even When …. We Disagree; Matthew 1 … The story through Joseph’s lens
  • Dec 14 .. I Believe, Even When … We are Out of Step; Mark 1 … The story through John the Baptist’s lens
  • Dec 21 I Believe, Even When … Pain Grabs Hold; John 1 … Birth Pains, The Light has come
  • Dec 24 (5 pm) I Believe, Even When …Mystery is Beyond Us
  • Dec 28 I Believe, Even When … We Face Change; Newborns add a whole new dimension …. Luke 2:41ff