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Youth of the Month: Adrian Sethi

Adrian is a junior at Watauga High School. Adrian, born in Chicago, IL, is brother to Simran Sethi, son of Sarah Bergstedt and Parvinder Sethi, and stepson to Ralph Bergstedt. Adrian also considers “Toby”, their dog, as a family member as well.

Adrian is passionate about music and playing “old time” fiddle. Adrian has been playing fiddle for five years now and his repertoire includes “Pig Ankle Rag”, “Cluck Ole Hen” and “Pole Cat Blues” (I’m sensing something of a theme here). I actually found a youtube video of Adrian recorded in June 2010 (when Adrian was 14) by Adrian’s dad. Check it out! Surely Adrian has a fiddle tune that connects with one of our “wall words”! How ‘bout it Adrian?

Adrian’s taste in music is actually quite diverse. He named “techno” and “electro house” as a couple of his favorites and one of his favorite artists is Wesley Pentz, a Philadelphia-based American DJ, producer, rapper, and songwriter, better known by his stage name, “Diplo”. Pentz is actually a person that Adrian named as someone he most admires. Adrian referred to him as a “musical journalist” and said of him, “What he does is really just great for everybody. He records music under his ‘Mad Decent’ label which supports work from a very diverse group of artists around the world and he respects all kinds of religions and artists. He’s just someone who, I think… ‘that’s really cool what he’s doing’. I like what he does because his music brings people together no matter what religion you are.”

One of Adrian’s favorite movies (and book) is “Bourne Supremacy”, by Robert Ludlum. “I like the action in it. I like a lot of smart thrillers.” When Adrian has time and opportunity to do whatever he wants, he chooses to “experiment with photography outside. I like to just take pictures of nature.” Along with that, Adrian also likes to “explore different kinds of music on the internet. I’ll be editing photographs and I’ll be listening to all kinds of music genres and finding new artists.”

For fun, Adrian likes to “watch good films & movies, hang out with friends, eat good food, hike and camp out and attend music festivals” (such as the Leaf Festivals in Asheville & Black Mountain). Adrian also mentioned contra dancing as a favorite activity. Adrian describes a “great day” as one in which he “aced a test in any subject at school, got a really big hug from a pretty girl, and then have a really nice Indian dinner, maybe a chicken curry dinner cooked by my mom. That would be a really great day.” Adrian’s goals for the next couple of years include “leaving my mark on the high school by getting the Appalachian Music Club started again, keep on playing fiddle and get into a good college with some good scholarships.” Adrian would also like to “spend a year or so in another country and maybe learn a second language.”

When I asked Adrian what keeps him coming back to HCUCC, he responded, “I’d have to say… just the people…They’re really friendly. I feel at home because the people are just really respectful and I don’t feel any bad vibes from anybody. It’s fun to be there and I have a lot of friends there. And I made new friends there.” One thing the youth group has done that Adrian particularly enjoyed was the campout. “I loved camping out with you guys. I really thought it brought us together more as a youth group. It was awesome.”

Thanks for the interview Adrian and congrats on being October’s Youth of the Month!